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Why Southwest Airlines flew a plane full of puppies?

Southwest Airlines flew a plane full of puppies to help them escape from Hurricane Harvey


When a hurricane like Harvey devastates a city, it's not just people that are affected. Pets and rescue animals find themselves stranded as shelters become overcrowded or refuse to allow animals in.




Dozens of animal crates packed the cabin of a donated San Diego-bound Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday, thanks to volunteers with the airline and various animal rescue groups.Southwest Airlines stepped in to rescue more than 60 animals from overcrowded shelters in an effort they called "Operation Pets Alive!" 


The approximate 1,400-mile trek opened up room in Texas animal shelters needed for pets whose owners have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey, according to California’s Helen Woodward Animal Center, which helped organize the move to their facility in Rancho Santa Fe.


The animals taking the flight to San Diego were all already in animal shelters prior to the storm, the center said on Facebook.





 A Southwest flight transported the furry passengers from Houston to San Diego, where they'll find new homes through the Helen Woodward Animal Center.




"We’re so happy to partner with the Helen Woodward Animal Center to extend hope to Houston by transporting shelter animals to a new home in San Diego, while making additional space for family pets whose humans are currently displaced. Our Employees care so deeply for our Customers and all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, including our sweet little four-legged friends." 




Source - InsiderHuffington Post, Images - Twitter/Facebook


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